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Adult Children of Mentally Ill Parents
Community forum and links for adult children of mentally ill parents.

Friendship Network
Non-profit organization which introduces single men and women recovering from mental illness to one another. Includes history, how it works, membership, real stories, and media.

Mental Earth Community
Mental health forums managed by Dr. Warren Selekman, PhD. Variety of mental health forums and chat rooms.
Online social network, offers blogs, journals, boards, and video chat. Includes groups about eating disorders, parenting, ADHD, OCD, relationships, self-harm, and dissociative disorders.

The Bright Side
Support, resources, and information for those struggling with mental or emotional difficulties. Includes feeling down, coping with loss, aging well, news and events, and creative minds.

Wounded Healer Journal
An online community which features resources and peer support for victims and caregivers of those dealing with post trauma issues, and other mental health issues.

Yahoo Groups: My Tears Are Real
A pro-recovery BPD, depression and self-injury support group.

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