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HealthVisit Recommended Websites

Ask The Doctor
Previous answers and easy access to personal advice and information at your request from Dr. Suneel Sharman.

Best Doctors
Comprehensive fee-based medical referral service.

Doctors Lounge - Ask a Doctor
Receive free medical consultation and advice from a panel of medical doctors, nurses, or experts in all medical specialties.
Subscription-based medical advice for companies and their employees.

Minasian Medical Centre
Offers online medical consultation and advice, latest medical news, atlas of anatomy and skin diseases, cancer risk and diabetes charts. English and Russian.

PinkWhale Healthcare
An e-health company offering online and telephone based personal healthcare services. Ask physician or a specialist a question. Contains profiles with credentials details. Karnataka, India.

The Analyst - Online Health Evaluations
Online analysis of symptoms, lifestyle, risk factors and personal and family medical history. Fee based.

Web Health Centre
Offers online medical consultation, general health information.

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