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HealthVisit Recommended Websites

Care Pathways
Provides families and health professionals with details of the care options available in the USA, as well as offering support, needs assessment, and product sales.

Information on Medicare for beneficiaries, their families and providers.

Medicare Rights Center
A not-for-profit organization that is the source for Medicare consumers and Medicare professionals

MedlinePlus: Senior Health
Listings on physicians, nutrition, drug trials and caregiver support for seniors.

Mental Health and Aging
This site will assist older adults and their families in obtaining appropriate mental health and aging services, and teach them how to advocate to get their needs met.

Network Of Care
Community-based resources and tools for seniors, people with disabilities, caregivers and service providers.

Senior Connections
Resources for seniors and their caregivers in Virginia

Senior Health Week
News and information for seniors.

Seniors Resource Guide
A guide to senior services and resources on healthcare providers, housing options, emergency services, community resources, and professional articles on aging.
Health, medical and social information of interest to the elderly.

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