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Health Visit Recommended Websites
Information about anxiety and panic attacks. Includes product reviews.

BBC Science: What is Stress?
Explains the causes and psychology of it.

Bupa: Stress
Factsheet with information on this condition, the symptoms, different types, causes and treatment.

Crying Shame
Special investigation by Hazards magazine about stress in the workplace and how some people become so distressed that they opt for suicide.

Drop Dead
Article by Hazards editor Rory O'Neill on how coping with excessive workloads can have lethal consequences.

Family Stress Relief Guide
Gives advice and relaxation techniques for babies, toddlers, teens and parents.

HSE: Work Related Stress
Provides information on best practice and the responsibilities of different staff members in the workplace to reduce stress levels and comply with the law.

Holistic Stress Relief for Mom
Aims to help mothers and their families become sane again. Includes information about stress, its causes and effects, self-massage, meditation, yoga and aromatherapy and invites mothers to recount their own experiences.

International Stress Management Association (UK)
Has articles from their journal Stress News, links and general advice on lifestyle and exams stress.

NHS: Stress, anxiety and depression
Provides an overview, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatments, complications and prevention.

Psychophysiology of Stress
An article that describes the physical effects of stress by Ernesto (Ernie) A. Randolfi, Ph.D.

Briefly describes the types, causes, symptoms, management and control of stress.
Provides articles and advice to help avoid and alleviate stress. Explains how it affects people and their relationships and offers psychological tests.

The American Institute of Stress
Details ways to identify and manage stress effectively.

Why Be Nervous?
Explores nervousness and stress and suggests that there is a link to low blood sugar.
Offers a test, articles, lists of symptoms and causes and suggested treatments.

eMedicine Health Stress
Overview of stress and its causes, symptoms, and treatment.

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