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Health Visit Recommended Websites

32 Keys
A collection of ideas on happiness, worry, stress, self-esteem. Online book.

ABCs of Personal Growth
Psychological tests and quizzes together with book excerpts and a variety of articles.

Ask KRS Edstrom
Free advice column for help with stress reduction, motivation, relaxation, wellness and spirituality. Offers a variety of self-help tools, news and reviews, and details of seminars and retreats.

Authentic Happiness
Offers learning modules on various topics; how to stay fit and healthy, experience positive emotions, improve productivity and communication skills, and lead a meaningful life.

Empowerment Plus Inc.
A self managed journey to address concerns in the areas of attention, learning, depression, behavior, and relationships. Includes step by step instructions and useful resources.

Envisage Yourself
Memory improvement techniques, weight loss tips, and a guide to managing stress.

Excel At Life
Provides articles and links on anxiety disorders, sport psychology, performance enhancement, exercise and fitness, weight loss, cognitive-behavioral therapy, happiness, relationships, and jealousy.

Happiness Project
Designers of the healing and personal development program behind the BBC documentary 'How to be Happy'. Inspirational writings, links and commercial seminars.

How to Find Your Life Purpose
Find personal and career fulfillment. Online program.

Inner Bonding
Learn the transformational Inner Bonding healing process and find help with relationships, addictions, parenting issues, aloneness, spiritual connection, anxiety and depression. Free course. Workshops, retreats, and phone sessions for individuals and couples.

Lessons for Living: Mini-lectures on improving life.
Brief and informative RealAudio presentations on basic skills in living. Each presentation illustrates a key point and highlights how simple information and diligent effort can transform your life experience.

Lifestyle Resources
Activities in lifestyle improvement, fitness, art and health issues. Deanna Mulvihill, originator of Rebonding of the Body program. Inspirational poems and personal reflections.

Mental Health Net
Offering resources in self-help, psychology, and mental health.

Open Circles
International empowerment center based in the Netherlands, offering a variety of courses and syllabi for personal, spiritual and organizational growth. Details of courses, trainers and free resources.

Personal Development With Will Ross
Suggestions to improve quality of life. Articles, "Ask Will" page, and private consultations.

Articles, newsletter, and links. Also hosts "A Positive Place" by author Chuck Gallozzi.

Positive Thinking
Provides tips and advice on mental health, body image and stress management.

Psychological Self-Help
A free, online self-help book on depression, anxiety, relationships, sex, and well-being.

Psychology & You Newsletter
Free, online, weekly newsletter written by Dr. Yarnell, clinical psychologist.Topics cover a variety of self improvement and personal development subjects for children, adolescents and adults.

Psychology Knowledge
Information on clinical, child, and social psychology. Includes diagnosis and treatment of bulimia, PTSD, DID and personality, and a discussion of gifted children.

Relax, Refresh, Recharge
Articles and tips for relaxation and personal refreshment.

School of Self-Discipline
Article about discipline deficiency and the excuse virus.

Self Help Magazine
Mental health articles, newsletters and postcards.

Sharing poems, thoughts, and philosophy about life.

Silva International Inc
Originators of the Silva Method of mind-programming. Background information, seminar calendars, lecturer directory and catalog of audio tapes and related products.

Success Through Words
Articles on motivation, goal setting, entrepreneurship. Book reviews and links to self help resources.

Talent Development Resources
Articles, interviews, books and other resources for enhancing creative expression and self-actualization.

The Happy Guy
A variety of self-help resources to help people find happiness and achieve self-actualization. Includes books, ebooks, newsletters, and free articles.

The Psychology of Hypocrisy
Article on the types of hypocrisy and how to deal with hypocrisy.

Circular breathing technique which claims to bring happiness. Information and articles, with details of workshops and seminars.

Yahoo Groups: Daily Power Words
Daily personal empowerment article with exercise and meditations.

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