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Health Visit Recommended Websites

Dr Irene's Verbal Abuse Site
Boards, lists , articles, advice and links.

A Real Old-fashioned Art
How to handle verbal abuse, includes information about non-escalating verbal self-defense.

Abusive Love
For verbal abuse: signs, red flags, examples, self-help, recovery plus definition of terms and types of all kinds of abusive behavior.

Beverly Engel
Emotional abuse quiz and newsletter. Beverly Engel is an author, psychotherapist and founder of Apology Seminars.

Cyber Parent: Mental Abuse
About emotional, verbal, mental abuse.

Emotional Blackmail
A powerful form of manipulation and how to handle it.

Growing Beyond Emotional Abuse
Books, online articles, and programs dedicated to healing the from abuse.

Mind Control and Ritual Abuse
Presents a library of articles and excerpts from publications.

Provides how-to and self-help information for women needing emotional pain relief because of a partner's narcissism, addictions, and abuse. Includes articles and details about the author, Dr. England.

Psychological Abuse
Essay about how not to abuse from a teacher, addressed to other teachers.

Symptoms of Emotional Abuse
List of symptoms to help you determine if your relationship is verbally abusive.

Verbal Abuse
Support resources, newsletter, recommended reading regarding verbal abuse and how to resist it.

Verbal Abuse Hurts Too
Webring for sites about verbal abuse.

You Are Not Crazy Abuse Site
Listen to a bona-fied verbally abusive conversation and learn how to identify abuse.

You are a Target, Not a Victim
This site teaches potential targets of abuse how to respect themselves enough not to allow their partners to mistreat them.

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