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Health Visit Recommended Websites

BehaveNet Clinical Capsules
A lexicon of terms commonly used in the mental health professions, including terms related to diagnoses, drugs, treatments, legislation and mental health care institutions.

COPAS Center
Outcome evaluation systems. State of the art research and technology in assessment and intervention planning for mental health, human service, educational, and community-based organizations.

Cathy Cole Training
Motivational Interviewing training and supervision provided via distance or online learning. Offers newsletter introducing professionals to MI concepts and to refresh the learning for those already practicing.

Creative Therapy Associates, Inc.
Creative Therapy Associates is dedicated to producing materials and tools that address the mental health issues of children and adults in a unique way. Our products are used by teachers, psychologists, parents, and individuals.

Dual Diagnosis Resources
Books, videos, manuals, training, consulting, articles, motivational interviewing training and materials, and other resources for professionals in the fields of mental health, addictions, criminal justice, and homeless services.

Family System Test (FAST)
Thomas M. Gehring's clinical and research tool for the planning and evaluation of family interventions. Includes bibliography and ordering information.

Foundation for Education in Emotional Literacy
Emotional intelligence and emotional literacy. Definition, newsletter, children's books available for purchase.

International Congress on Quality of Life (QOL)
International Conference of "Quality of Life in Clinical Practice", to be held in Chalkidiki, Thessaloniki, Greece, on April 5th-7th, 2002.

John Suler's Teaching Clinical Psychology
Useful resources for clinical psychology students.

Moonlight Oxon
Awareness courses for learning all aspects of mental health, working with sufferers, understanding the real experiences rather that rigid statements from diagnosis guides.

NASP Career Center
The National Association of School Psychologists site allows employers to post jobs available and qualified applicants can store their resume and respond. Includes job related articles.

Paper Boat
Articles, presentations, and consulting services on using the wraparound approach in community agencies that support children and families dealing with emotional disabilities.

Rapid Eye Institute
Alternative healing training school for Rapid Eye Technology, an eye movement/blinking process for rapid stress relief.

Re-Evaluation Counseling and Co-Counseling
Teaches a process whereby people of all ages and backgrounds can exchange effective help to free themselves from the effects of past distress experiences.

Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Institute
Annotated links for critical incident stress management (CISM) and critical incident stress debriefing (CISD), articles, resource teams, and training opportunities.

The Art and Science of Storytelling Therapy
Offers a training seminar on a medium of communication between therapist and client. The therapist incorporates verbal and non-verbal information provided by the client into the formulation and delivery of a story that affects therapeutic outcome.

The Psychiatric Zone
Information about various psychiatric topics including neuroscience, psychology and social sciences. Also therapy and mental health issues.

Community network and resources for psychotherapists, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors.

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