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At Health Inc
Mental health information, therapist directory, treatment facilities, self-help resources, and continuing education for those in the mental health field.

Beyond Madness
Webring was created to bring together sites that deal with various forms of mental illness and mental health in general. Includes topics such as depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, and panic disorder.
For all mental health conditions, including Guernsey sources of information and support, links for professionals. Self-Help information: anxiety, relaxation, self-esteem, music and drumming, keeping well.

Mental Health Information Network
A pathfinder to online physical and mental health resources geared towards mental health professionals, consumers and their families.

Mind Publications
Offers self help articles on mental health issues and alternative medicine.

Internet directory of psych-related services and resources on psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis. Lists professionals, educational opportunities, and professional organizations.

Mental health and psychology information directory. Articles, fact sheets, research sources, job resources and related links. Designed for professionals, students, and the layperson.

Psychology and Education Resources
From the University of Iowa, lists of sources in psychiatry, mental health, and psychotherapy. Mental Health
Alphabetical listing of over 100 links, part of a large comprehensive reference directory.

Shrink Tank
A collection of links and bulletin board systems from all over the USA, including a vast collection of psychology/mental health oriented text files. Free.

Therapeutic Resources
Provides easy to use, time saving and effective educational products and links to assist in the development of life skills and personal development.

Provides students with a link to their respective college's mental health center. Also offers a mental health library, drug database, and self evaluation.

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