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National Institute of Aging
Government site with information on research and practical resources for the aging population.

Aging Issues Message Board
Forum on the process and affects of aging.

Healthy Aging Campaign
National, ongoing, health promotion designed to broaden awareness of the positive aspects of aging and to provide inspiration to adults, ages 50 plus, to improve their physical, mental, social and financial health.
Provides research-based information on a wide range of age-related diseases, conditions, issues, features, and news.

International Aging Research Portfolio
The IARP is a non-profit open-access knowledge management system. Scientists and organizations can track, analyze and visualize grant, publication and other research data in biomedical science worldwide.

Science of Aging Knowledge Environment
Archive of news, commentaries, disease case studies, databases, and other resources pertaining to aging-related research.

The Gerontological Society of America
Multidisciplinary society for professionals in the field of aging. Focuses on promoting the scientific study of aging.

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