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Addiction Today
Journal devoted to evidence based treatment for all forms of addiction and dependency. Includes a list of treatment centres and self help information.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Canadian research facility and hospital which provides direct patient care. Includes searchable database of addiction related materials.

Is Addiction Just a Matter of Choice?
Transcript of report on conflicting views about addiction by John Stossel of ABC News, televised in April, 2003. Also includes message boards on which this report was discussed, and links to web resources.

Print Media Coverage of Research on Passive Smoking
Research evaluates tobacco industry influence on coverage in newspapers and magazines of the health effects of secondhand smoke. - Addictions
Articles and discussion about addictions with special sections on addictions to pornography, sex and love, tobacco and chemical substances (drugs).

emerging sideways
Anonymous blog about recovery from sexual and food addictions.

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