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Advantage Bio Consultants, Inc.
Consultants in veterinary vaccines, diagnostics, mergers and acquisitions, personnel selection and management (pharmaceutical industries).

Clinical Investigation Specialists, Inc.
Specializes in the management of clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry. Overview of administration and contact information provided.

Consulting, testing, contract research and design services in the area of herbal supplements, herbal remedies, natural extracts and bioactive compounds.

Frank Rosenkaimer Consultants
Organize and coordinate programs in the field of infectious diseases and "tropical" medicine.

Gaea | Clinical Ltd
Consultants to the pharmaceutical Industry.

Golds Associates
Experienced consultants in medical device industry product development and project management.

Granite Peak Technology, Inc.
Contract research and development organization for innovation in medical device and therapeutic technologies.

International Pharmaceutical Consultants
Consulting work for medical, efficacy, and safety aspects of the development of new and existing pharmaceutical products.

J. E. Lincoln and Associates
Consultants serving the medical device, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries.

MedStars is an investment and executive management consulting firm that starts and develops new life sciences companies with innovative medical or biotech products and services.

Molecular Biotech Consultants
Dedicated to providing expert, objective viewpoints for academic, clinical, and industrial molecular laboratories since 1997.

Next Generation Clinical Research Consulting, Inc.
Consultant expertise to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in all phases of clinical development.

PaxMed International,
Consulting services in medical devices - clinical trials, quality systems, regulatory submissions, biomaterials.

PharmaBioSource, Inc.
Consulting firm for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries with services including recruiting, capacity rationalization, regulatory compliance, and industrial real estate brokerage.

Rasor Consulting Group
Medical product development - Invention to Market.

Spiridon Consulting Group
Marketing and sales consulting services to companies within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Statim, LLC
Consulting services to clients in the plant and life science industries. Focus is on new venture development and commercialization of novel technologies.

Trilogy Associates
Facilitating business growth and renewal through commercialization of new medical and life-science products.

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