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Pivacy Policy

We at Health Visit take your privacy seriously. Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy
Health Visit respects and protects the privacy of the individuals that use our website. Individually identifiable information about you is NOT disclosed to any third party as explained in this privacy policy ("Privacy Policy").

What Information Do We Collect?
Health Visit does NOT collect any unique information about you (such as your name, email address, ip address, etc.) except when you specifically and knowingly provide such information in the form of an email.

Links to Other Sites
The sites displayed as search results or linked to by Health Visit are developed by people over whom Health Visit exercises no control. These other sites may send their own cookies to users, collect data, or solicit personal information.

With Whom Does Health Visit Share Information?
Health Visit will NOT share information about you with any advertisers, business partners, sponsors, and other third parties.

Is Health Visit Adware, Spyware or Malware?
Absolutely not! Health Visit does NOT; monitor, collect data or 'spy' on its user base. Health Visit is incapable of tracking your overall web use or deciphering anything on your hard drive. Health Visit does NOT display pop-up ads or any type of advertising except for paid search results.

How does Health Visit make any money, if you offer it for free?
Some of the search engines listed on the Health Visit website may pay a listing fee or may share revenue from advertising within the search results (sponsored results).

Questions and/or Suggestions
If you have questions and/or suggestions, please Contact Us

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